Glen Lake Protective Association
Letter to Glen Lake residents:

 I am hearing concerns from several lake residents about the regrowth and spread of milfoil late this season.  I understand and agree with your concerns, and I want you to know the Association is aware of this and has been gathering information to confront this issue.  Unfortunately, we are not able to do any type of permitted control action this late in the year.  However, our contracted lake management firm, Allied Biological, Inc., completed the aquatic plant survey two weeks ago and will have a report to us soon with control options for spring 2016.  In addition, director Ron Kuhl and I will be attending a conference in November that will be presenting on new management strategies for Eurasian milfoil and other invasive species.  As well, the Association has asked lake residents to hand pull milfoil in front of their homes, pick up floating fragments, and remove and dispose of on land any vegetation on your props.  Also, at the September meeting we allocated funding to hire drivers to hand pull in selected areas this fall.  If you have an area of concern, please let me know (phone # 761-7015).  Thank you for your concerns on this crucial issue related to the health of our precious, shared resource, Glen Lake.

Paul Derby, PhD
President Glen Lake Protective Association

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